Chilton G. Goebel, Jr.

Senior Public Relations Counselor

Focus on Sustainability


As a senior public relations counselor I advise clients regarding communication initiatives and actions in a manner that enhances internal and external stakeholders’ as well as influencers’ appreciation of long-term business, environmental and social value goals.

As a senior public relations counselor I work with clients building mutually beneficial relationships between their organizations and their publics, anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion attitudes and issues that might impact the operations and plans of an organization.

As a senior public relations counselor I guide clients’ sustainability internal and external communications processes. 

As a senior public relations counselor I use a strategic communication process incorporating a comprehensive audit.  The communication process is constructed to achieve an informed public understanding necessary to the success of an organization’s long-term financial, social and environmental goals. In addition, the communication process focuses on an organization’s stewardship, judicious use of resources, reinvestment and attention to sustainability through the full economy and business lifecycles.

As a senior public relations counselor I ensure that client communication objectives link to business objectives, strategies remain relevant, tactics persist creatively, metrics measure appropriate benchmarks and the budget affords effective execution.

Following military service and ten years of corporate public relations experience, I profitably managed business and marketing communications for regional and national healthcare and business-to-business agencies as a public relations counselor for four decades.  I co-founded and successfully operated Goebel Kirk & Pilato (GKP) Public Relations once labeled as the best and fastest growing firm in the region. GKP was sold to an international agency.